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enslaved by the anarchic ride, for life and love
indentured to the road that stares back at us
how many detours there have been
and how many more there will be, still
we're closer, getting closer
we've stopped counting the potholes
and begun to pave them over
no matter where we go
no matter why
we will ride.
without the promise of streets paved in gold
we ride, only for resolution
to paint our own road home
wherever that may be, whatever we may find
as of yet, there is only an empty canvas
there is no truth, there are no lies
there is only life, and love
there is no eye for an eye
only dust to dust
we will ride through remission
we will ride to redemption
we will ride for love, aimlessly
not to fret about love lost, no matter how heartless and narrow
no matter how deep or shallow
we will ride through it's scorn on a broken arrow
for the blind pursuit of... some kind of... unabated love
no matter how unforgiving
as long as we're alive
we'll live for the sake of living
we will ride.
our wheels are forever turning
our hearts forever racing, hanging from threads
from the incarnation of our empathies,
our wary heart's forever longing
we lay beside our affinities
at the new day dawning...
it's never been about where we're going
it's all for a love we've never known
it's never been about knowing
there's no use knocking on an open door
for life, for love, forever, round and round we'll go
why should we stop when there's a place for us to begin?
why start all over again?
no matter how numb, we will still feel the pain
no matter where the road fills up with rain
no matter where the road ends
the river's still flowing
no matter how the river bends
we will ride into the ocean
we will guide our maker's pen
not to tempt, but to provoke it
filling in a world of black and white
with the most vibrant colors on its palette
even with our sails abated of wind
we will not remain stagnant
no matter where or when,
if the storm ever hits
if we lose this fortitude
and the comfort of our ship,
we will swim.
no matter how tattered and torn
we will ride out this storm
as long as the moon begets the tide
we will ride.
some will live, some will die
we will ride the ripples in their wake
one day we will make it to the other side
right now, we'll ride for what can never be replaced
we'll ride forever, for our own sake
no matter how unforgiving
as long as we're alive
we'll live for the sake of living
as long as we ride, no matter the cynic
we'll find providence at the end of an endless mystery
as long as we're alive,
we're writing history
as long as we're alive,
we will ride.