A music critic once said Robert LaSalle has "Beatles for brains and Beethoven in his fingers." It's no wonder LaSalle's music is being picked up for everything from award-winning feature films, MTV and CMT shows to epic online video games and streaming series. This Spring he joined the DC Universe when his new single, Home, Pt 2 was featured on the first season of Doom Patrol. "No more fighting, no pleading, just letting go," LaSalle sings in the evocative new single. Home, parts 1 through 4 are soon to be released. 

Home is a recurring theme in LaSalle's music, often seeming to elude him. Claiming Louisville, Ky., Nashville, Tenn., and Huntsville, Ala., as former "homes," he currently resides in Ojai, Calif. He writes, produces and plays nearly every instrument on his recordings from the studio he owns and operates, Sanctuary Studio, nestled in the mountains northwest of LA.

With music characterized by a fusion of genres, layered harmonies, and clever introspective lyrics, LaSalle’s versatile style swings from alternative to rock to pop to folk and beyond. He cites Radiohead's OK Computer as a major influence, which is apparent in the atmospheric effects that reverberate around his complex arrangements as his high tenor lilts in falsetto over productions big and small. But indeed, hints of Beethoven and the Beatles also appear in LaSalle’s colossal anthemic orchestral pieces, juxtaposed by the simplicity of the next piano/vocal or solo acoustic guitar track.

LaSalle was forced to take a prolonged leave of absence from the music industry to address multiple health issues. A random assault in East Nashville left him visually impaired, enduring multiple surgeries and chronic pain over a lengthy period of his life, ultimately having one eye replaced with a false eye. Much of his music written during that time period addresses the assault and the aftermath of it. In the haunting piano ballad Porter Rd, named after the street where the assault occurred, LaSalle sings, "Now I'm dreaming of that night, they're beating me blind," only later to exclaim, "Slipped through the fists of death! You haven't got me yet!" 

Noting his gratitude to be alive, LaSalle takes it all with a poise. Physical, emotional, and psychological pain simply presented him with new songwriting material, and when he was finally well, he bought a travel trailer and headed west, eventually settling in his beloved Ojai Valley. When he’s not in the studio, he’s enjoying the natural wonders of Southern California, hiking the mountain trails, climbing the rock walls and enjoying the majestic beaches.

Determined to overcome life’s obstacles, LaSalle's pursuit of the next great song is the cornerstone of his career, and triumph, resilience and hope are his strongest messages. That revelation is revealed in Thank You For the Moment of Clarity. “Not going to wait for the sake of winning,” he sings.  “I'm gonna live for the sake of living."